“The book [Apotheosis] itself is something like Schrodinger's cat. God, humanity, other races and planets... all are conjecture until observed. Many references to alternate spirituality, the existence of life on other planets and the history of everything are called in to question with enough wit, sarcasm, action and romance to keep things interesting while your brain stews on what ifs. Highly recommended, particularly if you're a fan of Douglas Adams.”

Nook Reader

“Awakening is a professionally written and solidly edited book that I feel is well worth the price and time you’ll spend on it. Cool science concepts made believable and an interesting story line by an author who’s unafraid to have some fun while he’s writing.”

Clayton Bye, The Deepening World of Fiction

“[Apotheosis is] as entertaining as any good book, but unlike many it tackles some of the deep problems and questions of the world today, in a way that is subtle as you read the book, but makes you think when you put it down. I don't want to give anything away, but the theological implications are fascinating.”

Adam Bourke, Review Haven: Fantasy and Sci-Fi

“Things I really like about this book are the oddball, sometimes foreshadowy, dream sequences that open most of the chapters, and the first-person writing style which allows the reader to be fully, intimately inside the mind of the main character.”

'Bliss Stillness' Amazon reader

“The characters are a little odd, but extremely realistic and likable. The personal voice is the strength of the novel in that you feel as if you really live in the main hero’s body with him.”

Teri Davis, reviews by Teri blogspot

“A clever mixture of quantum physics, reincarnation, bio-chemistry and the mind beyond the body, a little metaphysics, simply being human and all this coupled within the bizzare and wonderful realm of dreams and their place in reality. Very well written ... Recommended.”

‘Dakoda’ UK Kindle reader

“With its quirky feel and campy writing style, I found this book to be quite readable. There are many dream sequences in the book, which made for great transitions that helped move the story along. I was almost immediately engaged in the story, excited to find out what would happen next.”

GraceKrispy, MotherLode, Book Reviews and Original Photography

“William Campbell has a great writing style that I really enjoyed, it kept the story moving along and kept the mind imagining these places and characters that I really liked.”

Loucypher ‘Justin’

“The book as a product is well produced with a stylish but classic and sexy sci-fi cover. The proofreading is immaculate and the prose is often vivid and dramatic, and exhibits dexterity with words.”

Peter Hassebroek, The LL Book Review

“The author earns points for the creepy, effective imagery used when describing certain 'receptacles,' inviting the reader to question whether or not the Association presents the biggest danger, and that aspect of the book provides the most thought-provoking and distinctive feature of the story.”

Bitten By Books, Paranormal Review Site with Bite