Past Life Space Opera

A campy and irreverent tale of an immortal rebel mind-washed to believe reincarnation is a myth. Convinced he is no more than a manufactured body—the urges of which are difficult to control—the subconscious invades the hero’s dreams and hints at the truth. Once rescued by by an oddball crew of fellow rebels, the hero awakens to the reality of his situation, which only delivers unwanted responsibility. Ancient aliens are at war, and the hero must fight to save them from one of their gods. He’d rather be a child again and forget these troubles. The hero’s quest takes him through Heaven and Hell, and once out the other side, he is reborn a child, except again mind-washed and memory wiped. Identity is in doubt, dreams are murky, and while the subconscious might be his only hope, it may also be his worst enemy.

Begin the adventure with chapter 1 of Awakening, free to read online.


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