Apotheosis: Dead Forever Book 2

A god? No thanks, too much responsibility.

Sequel to Awakening, the adventure continues as the rebel team travels to the Restricted Zone, but mistakes mount and the mission falls apart. Plunged into an alien world at war, the hero is caught between battling natives who either regard him as a god or another heretic fit to burn.

The hero fights to bring peace among chaos but his nemesis has arrived, and he likes playing god, poised to launch unthinkable wrath that fulfills a world-ending prophecy. As their mighty gods clash, the warring natives are driven to extremes of intolerance and cruelty. The hero only wished to save their ravaged kingdom, not fuel its destruction.

A duel of the gods will decide the planet’s fate, and the natives are confident their savior will prevail. But he is only a man, equally anxious to save himself, and there is no divine escape for mere mortals. The final conflict will expose the truth, either swaying the beliefs of devout minions or immortalizing the dead hero for eternity.

Back home, the rebels are under siege and the body supply is depleted. More of all the hero is expected to fix while he only longs to be a child again, the one dream denied him for lifetimes. He hatches a daring plot to outsmart the enemy, risking his own life and the last body to enjoy as a free soul. A single choice could spell his end, for real this time. Dead forever.

“Only the gods be so great as to wield the power of destruction yet escape its fate. The mortal be bound by destiny he cannot escape, however heroic.”

Apotheosis continues the Dead Forever trilogy, followed by Resonance.


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