Awakening: Dead Forever Book 1

Imagine a world where death is merely an inconvenience.

A new body awaits and we resume living, fully aware of the past. Every love, talent and distaste, retained from one life to the next. But this immortal paradise has a price—eternal life as slaves, oppressed by masters who forbid individuality, creative expression, and free thinking.

A band of rebels refuses to conform, but for a population that reincarnates, the government is powerless to eliminate insurgents. Putting them to death is useless. The rebels will return, again and again. The final solution is devised—perpetual amnesia. Kill all memory of past lives and banish the rebels to a lonely corner of the galaxy.

Carl Brown is one of many to suffer the ‘dead forever’ process, mind-washed and dumped into a transient existence, soon to be elsewhere. When an oddball crew of fellow rebels comes to his rescue, the boundaries of reality are tested and who to trust is anyone’s guess. He struggles to decipher his dreams, subconscious and memories, only to learn of the hero he should be and what it means to occupy a body—the sexual urges, escapism through intoxication, and the sense of self for a body, entirely different for a soul.

Eager to arouse his memory, a flirtatious member of the rebel team shows him the life he once enjoyed, and more, as he returns to a strange world where bodies are manufactured and childhood is obsolete. If only he could be a child again. First he’ll have to remember how to reincarnate.

“They can destroy our bodies, but they can never destroy us, what we feel, or believe, our thoughts, our passions, our love of life, or our way of life. And what they can never change is that we don’t agree, and we never will, no matter what.”

Awakening begins the Dead Forever trilogy, followed by Apotheosis and Resonance.

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Chapter 3


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